Like Nowhere Else (Edible Seattle, Sept/Oct 2012)
Tasting the Flavors of Lummi Island: Chef Blaine Wetzel and The Willows Inn

The Art of Welcoming (Edible Seattle, Jan/Feb 2013)
The Restaurants and Passion of Chef Renee Erickson

Life Through a Lens of Soup (Edible San Francisco, Sept/Oct 2008)
Some foods weave through all the stages of our lives, reminding us of who we’ve been.

Charcuterie’s First Couple (Edible San Francisco, Nov/Dec 2008)
Taylor Boetticher and Toponia Miller have built the Fatted Calf into a thriving, nationally renowned artisanal meat business.

Polenta and Mushrooms and Love Past (Tea & Cookies blog, best post award winner 2008)
A simple dish evokes memories of a long ago love.

Breaking up with Butternut (Tea & Cookies blog)
A Dear John letter to a formerly favorite squash: I’m leaving you for kabocha

Yaki Nasu with My Japanese Mother (The World is a Kitchen)
High in the mountains of Japan, the flavor of home.


Biking the Beara (Travelers’ Tales)

A rugged and remote Irish peninsula provides unmatched beauty, history, and sheep.

Taveuni (30 Days in the South Pacific)

On a small Fijian island, an underwater wonderland waits to be discovered

Morning Revolutions (Bicycle Love)

Bicycling across the Golden Gate Bridge makes the morning commute an adventure.

A Final Farewell

One last run on a favorite route before moving on.


The Stew Farmer (Edible Seattle, March/April 2012)
Near the Canadian Border in Eastern Washington, Brent Olsen raises meat ‘n potatoes

Good Food, Honest Work (Edible Seattle, May/June 2012)
Quillisascut: the farm to table school at the heart of Seattle’s sustainable cuisine

Sequim’s Resident Idealist (Edible Seattle, Jan/Feb 2012)
On the Olympic Peninsula, Nash Huber talks about the ’60s, carrots, and community

Buffaloed (Edible Seattle, Nov/Dec 2011)
At Lone Boot Ranch, a new chapter is being written for these ancient animals

Taki-san The Perfectionist (Edible Seattle, Sept/Oct 2011)
From Japan to Yakima, the organic adventures of a world-traveling farmer

The Taste of Summer (Edible Seattle, July/Aug 2011)
In the sunshine of the Okanogan, Billy’s Garden’s produces a sweeter tomato

Salad Days (Edible Seattle, May/June 2011)
Bronze Arrow, Red Bijou, Gallice: Let Us Farm grows the best greens you’ve never heard of

A Perfect Pea (Edible Seattle, Mar/April 2011)
Funny name, amazing produce: the exceptional row crops of Rent’s Due Ranch

Envisioning Victory (Edible San Francisco)
A San Francisco group reinterprets the Victory Garden concept for our times.

A Visit to Linnaea Farms (Tea & Cookies blog)
On a small island in Canada, an innovative program grows organic gardeners.